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What is the full form of PCR?

1) PCR: Polymerase Chain Reaction

PCR full form

The full form of PCR is “Polymerase Chain Reaction“. It is a widely used method in molecular biology to quickly make many copies (millions or billions!) of a specific DNA sample (and, in some cases, RNA), which allows scientists to place a very small sample of DNA and amplify it to a sufficiently large amount to study in detail. The key to understanding the PCR is to know that each human being, plant, animal, bacterium, parasite or virus contains genetic material, such as DNA/RNA sequences, unique to its species and to each member of that species. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test forms the basis of several tests that help doctors diagnose and treat patients. For example, PCR tests can identify and detect pathogenic organisms in patients, especially those that are difficult to cultivate (for example, HIV and certain fungi and other viruses).

2) PCR: Police Control Room

Police Control Room

In India, the Police Control Room (PCR) allows the immediate treatment of emergency situations using the latest advances in information and communication technology. It improves the communication link between callers (members of the public, etc.) and the police and provides members of the public 24×7 uninterrupted access to the police control room, dialing 100. The PCR also guarantees transparency and the responsibility of the police personnel, administering the Control Room of the Modern Police, as well as the PCR vehicles. It minimizes the response time of the police to any situation that requires immediate police intervention, through the fast and efficient transmission of information from the Control Room to the PCR vehicles and vice versa.

3) Other full forms of PCR

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